You can set your server's endpoint to receive ComeCat's event and develop your chatbot logic using ComeCat. In this way you can develop your own chatbot using ComeCat's feature. For example you don't have to write logics for each messenger or you don't have to develop your webchat. So you can focus on your business logic.

As also because ComeCat is "Semi Automated User Support Platform" you can always jump into conversation between your user and bot and disable bot. In this way, you can handle the case when bot cannot handle the conversation.

Click "API/Webhook" in side menu. Screen1

Input your server's endpoint here to receive webhook. Screen1

Text Messages

ComeCat sends webhook when message is sent to your account, as also when you send message.

    event: 'message',
    message: {
        id: '5b0bb756485388dbbcaac889',
        userID: '5acf3e00b8571e44291fccb8',
        roomID: '3-5b0bb401485388dbbcaac87f',
        type: 1,
        created: 1527494486055,
        message: '1'
    sender: {
        id: '5acf3e00b8571e44291fccb8',
        name: 'Ken',
        userid: 'ken@clover.studio',
        organizationId: '5a82fb03952d9d860872f63c',
        description: '',
        isGuest: 0
    room: {
        id: '5b0bb401485388dbbcaac87f',
        name: 'WebUser'

Bot On/Off

ComeCat send you the event when you on/off bot.

Media Message

ComeCat will send you URL of images/videos when user send you media message.