ComeCat Docs

Comecat is simple but powerful online chat solution. ComeCat is design to use support, sales and marketing. Not only online chat on your website, ComeCat enables you to chat with your customers via their favorite messenger. As also you can integrate with bot servise to make your life easy.

What can you do with ComeCat?

Online Support

You can provide online support to your customers on your website. In this way you can maximise your custoer experience, becaouse we believe there is no better customer experience than direct conversation.

Talk with your customers via messenger

Comecat support most of majer messenger integration. So your customers can contact you with their favorite messenger. This feature enables you to contact them which is not possible by webchat.

Supported messengers ( May, 2018 )

  • Facebook messenger
  • Line
  • WeChat
  • Viber
  • Kik
  • Telegram

Let bots talk with your customers, and human take over

One of key feature of ComeCat is bot integration. You can use major bot conversation API and let bots talk with your customers. But we know bots cannot better than you, you can alwasy tako over the conversation from bot. So that we call your server Semi automated user support platform .

List of bot api supported

  • Dialog Flow
  • IBM Watson
  • ( until the end of 2018 )
  • ( until the end of 2018 )
  • Twyla ( until the end of 2018 )
  • ( until the end of 2018 )
  • Chatteron ( until the end of 2018 )

Team Chat

You can talk with other users by entering their email address. So you can build teams on ComeCat. Not only private chat you can also generate groups to talk with several users.

Notes, Todos

You have notes and todos so you can take a notes and define tasks for the cutomer. As also you can share to teams the notes and todos.

Transfer Chat

You can add another user to the conversation, in this way you can transfer user support to another user.

Getting Started with ComeCat

Please visit signup form. By entering email address you will receive email with password. After first signup we strongly recommend you to change default password . You have 500 messages for free and you can use entire feature as free plan.

On-Premise and customisation

If you wand use ComeCan in your server and build custome user support platform, no problem we can help you. Please contact us so we can start discuss buiding best user support platform only for you.

Need further help?

Please contact our user support chat for any help.